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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Toowoomba Regional Council seeks 1 million signatures for Bypass petition - gets 27,500 ...

Perhaps a little optimistic to start with.

See - Toowoomba Regional Council - Toowoomba Bypass petition to be tabled.

Also see - The Chronicle - A million signatures new target.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting comment made by Mr Mcfarlane on the WIN TV news to-night and that was to say that this petition was twice the size of the one done on the water poll. He failed to tell people that they used paid council staff and sent pages of the petition home with council employees to get their family members and friends to sign off on it.
By comparision the water petition was conducted by the average Joe and in the face of strong opposition from the council and Medea. With that one council staff were frighten to be seen signing off on it and had to resort to all sort of tactics to put a signature on it.

I wonder if Mcfarlane's office checked all the signatures on this petition as they did on the recycled water one?

We need the highway but we will get it only when the government sees that Groom is winnable for them and then they will make that promise to the people and not before.

6:42 PM, March 18, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And they paid a PR firm to help them.

7:57 PM, March 18, 2009


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