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Monday, March 16, 2009

Anna Bligh's QWC appointee Elizabeth Nosworthy has the 'minus touch' ...

She's got the minus touch

16 March 2009

There is more than one way to clear space in the diary.

Elizabeth Nosworthy, for one, has freed up a few dates of late, starting out by riding the mini telco Commander Communications into the grave.

And on Friday, the chairwoman of the once high-flying Babcock & Brown steered the carcass of the investment bank into the loving warm embrace of administrators, freeing up a bit more time.

So no doubt Liz has her eyes squarely on events in coming weeks at one of her last standing gigs, as a director of Ventracor. Word is the heart device maker is about to become the third Nosworthy company to flatline.

Shares are suspended, it still hasn't found a buyer nor been able to file its half-year accounts and it's fair to say there's not much cash left to burn.

The company's 150-odd staff are expected to find out shortly if they still have jobs.

And remarkably that would include Liz.  Again.

It's quite a to-do list: Commander, check. Babcock, tick. Ventracor, sharpen the pencil.

It's not like she has been taking half measures as a rain dancer in Queensland's drought-busting water management gig either.  Half the state has been flooded since she started praying for rain.

It is fair to say investors in her other directorship, GPT, have grounds for feeling nervous.

See - Sydney Morning Herald - QWC head has the minus touch.


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