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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

AWA and Toowoomba Regional Council face-off - AWA says purple pipe recycled water is ok ...

The Australian Water Association (AWA) says domestic recycled water schemes are necessary if authorities want to make the best use of water resources in their area.

The Toowoomba Regional Council will not make it mandatory for new housing developments to use dual reticulation, or 'purple pipe' systems, saying new state regulations make them unsafe.

The decision affects estates in Westbrook, Oakey and Highfields.

AWA chief executive Tom Mollenkopf says the water used in the systems is of the highest standard.

"It's not of a standard that you would want to drink. However, that's really out of an abundance of caution. So you'll find that water utilities are very risk averse, so they make sure the water is of a really high standard before they allow you to come in contact with it," he said.

See - ABC News - AWA says purple pipe recycled water is ok.


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