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Monday, March 16, 2009

Anna Bligh hears footsteps behind her ...

Footsteps behind her

16 March 2009

With less than 3km left to run in the Gold Coast half-marathon last year, Anna Bligh could no longer stand the pain coming from blisters created by her new running shoes. So she took them off and, in the words of the Gold Coast Bulletin, "toughed it out" by finishing the 21km race in her socks.

Lawrence Springborg is also a runner, but not one who competes in events such as the Gold Coast half-marathon. But if this election campaign were the half-marathon, then Bligh, having led Springborg for most of the race, is now toughing it out and looking over her shoulder at the fast-finishing Springborg.

See - The Australian - Footsteps behind her.


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