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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anna Bligh tells Tourism Minister Desley Boyle to toe the line ...

You would have been able to see the steam rising over Anna's electorate overnight as she saw Desley Boyle's comments.

Anna Bligh to get her own way on Cabinet - Desley Boyle

18 March 2009

A Queensland minister who claimed caucus, not the Premier, would choose who was in a next Labor Cabinet has backflipped.

However, in a statement today, Ms Boyle said she had accepted the Premier would pick her own Cabinet team.

"The Premier has the authority to hand-pick her team," she said.

"While things have been done differently in the past, I know Anna Bligh and I know she is determined to deliver good, strong government for the people of Queensland and that means she will choose her own frontbench if re-elected."

See - Courier Mail - Anna Bligh to get her own way on Cabinet - Desley Boyle.


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