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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Qld election - Anna Bligh facing power struggle with Tourism Minister ...

Anna Bligh's leadership has been undermined by one of her own ministers vowing the Premier will not get her own way in a future cabinet reshuffle.

Tourism Minister Desley Boyle yesterday broke ranks and contradicted Ms Bligh's claims Labor's re-election would give her a mandate for "serious renewal" in her ministerial line-up.

In an interview with The Courier-Mail, Ms Boyle insisted the Labor caucus would choose who departed and stayed in cabinet ranks and not Ms Bligh.

See - Courier Mail - Anna Bligh facing power struggle.

If Anna Bligh wins, she may not even remain as Leader ...


Anonymous voter said...

Desley Boyle!!!

9:32 AM, March 18, 2009


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