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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Springborg and the LNP offer to block Anna Bligh's recycled water into Wivenhoe plan ...

Highlights of LNP's ClimateProof SEQ Water Policy:

The South East’s water needs will be met through an innovative mix of technologies that will see harsh water restrictions permanently removed. This environmentally sound strategy includes:

• Implementing the Water Innovation Fund to financially assist businesses, community groups and large residential developments in harvesting rain and stormwater

• New technologies and incentives to help households maximise their rainwater catchment, with ongoing rebates for water tanks and water saving devices

• A desalination plant at Bribie Island

• Directing recycled water to power stations, industry and agriculture, not into drinking supplies

• Abandoning plans for Traveston Crossing Dam and its dependant Northern Pipeline Interconnector Stage 2.

See - LNP ClimateProof SEQ Water Policy.


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