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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Labor's internal polls show Anna Bligh in trouble ...

Labor polling tips LNP

19 March 2009

Internal Labor polling has the Liberal National Party on course for an upset victory in Saturday's Queensland election.

The Australian understands the track polling - the nightly results of small sample sizes spread across key electorates - has revealed swings of as much as 8 to 10 per cent in electorates held by 6 to 8 per cent. This is the band of seats Labor must hold on to if it is to win a fifth term.

Seats around Brisbane including Redcliffe, Broadwater and Southport are all tracking badly for the ALP, as are several southwest Queensland and inner-city Brisbane electorates.

The LNP needs to gain 18 seats from Labor with a large uniform swing of 7.6 per cent to deprive Labor of its majority.

Labor strategists are rushing campaign workers into the electorates under threat, even flying operatives in from interstate, in a last-minute attempt to turn around local fortunes.

Labor's track polling was continuing last night.
It is understood the internal polling shows a collapse in Greens preferences flowing Labor's way as voters indicate their intention to take advantage of Queensland's system of optional preferential voting by placing a "1" next to the Green candidate without preferencing down the line.

Such a protest vote - the internal polling reveals the Green vote is more than 8 per cent - would hurt Labor candidates who rely on a steady flow of Greens preferences.

The Australian - Labor polling tips LNP.

Leaked polling data or purposely leaked polling data ...


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