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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Toowoomba Regional Council forgets to ask for free excess Wivenhoe water ...

Excerpt from the Chronicle:

19 October 2010

Toowoomba Regional Council failed to ask the State Government to waive water charges for the excess water it wanted to pump to Toowoomba when Wivenhoe Dam began overflowing.

Minister for Natural Resources Stephen Robertson said council last week only asked to increase the volume of water that could be pumped to Cressbrook Dam through the Wivenhoe Pipeline.

“No request was made for the waiving of the variable water charge,” Mr Robertson has revealed.

Cr Antonio said he could not comment on why the government wasn't initially asked to temporarily waive the cost of water because he was not involved in the negotiations.

See - The Chronicle - Minister waives excess water fees.

Oops ...


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