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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lungfish in Wivenhoe Dam set to destroy Anna Bligh's potable reuse dream ...

Excerpt from Courier Mail:

11 August 2010

The secret discovery of lungfish in the Wivenhoe Dam has cast grave doubt over the Bligh Government's ability to ever switch on the $2 billion recycled water pipeline without harming the vulnerable species.

The Courier-Mail has learnt that lungfish eggs and fingerlings were discovered in the dam in September last year just a short distance from the recycled water outlet.

Authorities have since been scrambling to work out what impact changes in water temperature and phosphate levels from recycled water would have on the lungfish population.

Any impact on the lungfish could reduce the pipeline to a multibillion-dollar infrastructure white elephant.

The Government yesterday insisted it has not considered moving the recycled water outlet and there was no evidence the lungfish would be affected if it were used.

However, internal briefing notes obtained by The Courier-Mail show authorities were clueless about the impact and would have to research it throughout this year.

However, the internal briefing paper from May prepared for Natural Resources Minister Stephen Robertson shows Seqwater was concerned about the lungfish discovery at Logan's Inlet.

"The location of the 2009 eggs was within 100-150 metres of the discharge pipe for purified recycled water,'' the paper said. "Work will need to be undertaken to determine any future impact.''

See - Courier Mail - Lungfish set to destroy Anna Bligh's potable reuse dream.


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