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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Qld's Coal Seam Gas Water Management Policy ...

Coal Seam Gas Water Management Policy

The purpose of the Coal Seam Gas Water Management Policy is to prevent salt produced through coal seam gas (CSG) activities from contaminating the environment and encourage the beneficial use of treated CSG water.

The policy deals with:

- use of CSG water
- evaporation dams
- design standards for CSG water aggregation and brine dams
- transitional arrangements for existing dams
- management of saline effluent and solid salt wastes from water treatment and evaporation processes.

The policy deals with issues raised in the Queensland Coal Seam Gas Water Management Policy, October 2008, and relates to the amendments to the Environmental Protection Act 1994 enacted in the South-East Queensland Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2010. The policy finalises the discussion paper published by the Department of Infrastructure and Planning titled, Management of Water Produced from Coal Seam Gas Production Discussion Paper, May 2009.

See - Coal Seam Gas Water Management Policy.


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