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Sunday, October 03, 2010

QWC's and Anna Bligh's $1.15 million bill for failed recycled water PR experiment ...

Excerpt from Sunday Mail

Queensland Government's PR bill for recycled water hard to swallow

Sunday Mail

3 October 2010

It is the $1 million taxpayer-funded shopping list that could be mistaken for a party planner's inventory rather than a government PR campaign.

Queensland Water Commission staff forked out more than $1.15 million in a futile bid to convince southeast Queenslanders to drink recycled water.

Tens of thousands of dollars was splurged on cold rooms, Eskies, tables and chairs, cups, shot glasses and marquees as it carted recycled water samples across the region.

Documents obtained under Right to Information laws revealed a PR campaign expense list that continued even after Premier Anna Bligh mothballed the $1.5 billion recycled water pipeline in 2008.

But the QWC has rejected claims it wasted funds.

Documents show the Water Commission spent $215,000 on importing about 80,000 bottles of recycled water from Singapore, as well as producing 76,500 of its own bottles of purified recycled water from its Bundamba treatment plant.

The cost of the Singaporean bottled water was $115,000. More than $7000 was spent on shipping the bottles.

See - Sunday Mail - Queensland Government's PR bill for recycled water hard to swallow.

Next time Anna Bligh bleats about everyone needing to be environmentally friendly (while shipping as much coal overseas as possible), remember she was buying water in Singapore and having it shipped to Brisbane ... and then pouring it down the drain ...


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