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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Purple pipe debate reignited in Toowoomba ...

3 February 2010

Toowoomba's “purple pipe” recycled water system looks set to be revived from the scrapheap after it was abandoned last year.

Cr Bill Cahill, environment and services portfolio leader, said Toowoomba could not rely on the Wivenhoe Dam pipeline for its long-term water needs.

He admitted he made a mistake voting to scrap the purple pipes and wanted to reignite the debate when council met next week.

“The population growth we’re expecting will demand we don’t rest on our laurels,” he said.

Cr Cahill said the Wivenhoe pipeline gave the region the breathing space needed to solve the health concerns and monitoring costs that led to the scrapping of the purple pipes.

He said the recycled water should be connected to all greenfield developments and the region’s sporting fields, parks and gardens.

See - The Chronicle - Councillor revives pipe debate.


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