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Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Toowoomba Regional Council water restrictions ...

Easing of water restrictions due to pipeline

28 January 2010

People on properties connected to Toowoomba’s bulk water supply can now use buckets to water their gardens on a restricted basis.

Water Services portfolio leader Cr Paul Antonio said with water now pumping from Wivenhoe Dam into Lake Cressbrook, council could afford to relax water restrictions for certain outside uses.

“The Wivenhoe pipeline provides a greater level of security for our water supply for the coming decades.

“Properties connected to Toowoomba’s bulk water scheme can now bucket water their gardens over a period of three hours from 4pm to 7 pm, three afternoons per week on an odds and evens street numbers system.

”This compares with no outside watering under the previous Level 5 restrictions,” Cr Antonio said.

However, the consumption target will remain at 140 litres per person per day.

The previous system of water restrictions based on a numbering system - Levels 1 to 5 - has been replaced by a regime implemented by the Queensland Water Commission for Southeast Queensland. This regime has four levels from ‘permanent conservation measures’ through to ‘extreme level’ restrictions.

“However, although we have based our new restriction regime on that adopted for Southeast Queensland, our arrangements will have different trigger levels linked to the levels of our own dam storages.

“Toowoomba and area consumers will therefore be on the highest level - extreme level - water restrictions while Southeast Queensland will be on the lowest level - permanent conservation measures.

While Brisbane water storages are sitting at around 70 percent, Toowoomba storages remain at less than 8 percent.

Toowoomba and area water consumers have adhered to some of the country’s toughest water restrictions over the last five years with residential use in Toowoomba averaging around 125 litres/person/day for the last two years.

The new water restrictions include a number of further measures intended to assist water users.

“Residents aged over 70 or with a documented disability can apply to council for a limited concession on garden watering.

“If approved, they can use a handheld hose fitted with a trigger or twist nozzle instead of bucketing, for two 20 minute sessions per week at specified times.

Residents need to understand that the concession is only available upon application to council.

In addition, limited watering can be applied to new turf and private swimming pools can be topped up at specified times and subject to special conditions.

Residents on the Toowoomba supply should receive a fridge magnet in their mailboxes soon, which outlines the main aspects of the new water restrictions.

See - New Toowoomba Regional Council water restrictions.


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