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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Toowoomba Regional Council strikes water deal for Wivenhoe dam water ...

The Chronicle:

Council wins in water deal

27 January 2010

Toowoomba ratepayers won’t pay any extra for water over the next three years in a deal expected to be sealed between the State Government and Toowoomba Regional Council tomorrow.

Mayor Peter Taylor told The Chronicle yesterday the council had all but secured a three-year reprieve for ratepayers that prevented further increases to water charges.

However, he said it was still possible operational costs beyond this financial year could influence the final price of the Wivenhoe Dam water.

The pipeline will deliver 14,200 megalitres of water a year, providing more than 50 per cent of Toowoomba’s current demand.

See - The Chronicle - Council wins in water deal.


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