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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Anna Bligh's mess - Water's quick fix a long-term drain ...

Rusting in sea water, the $1.2 billion Gold Coast desalination plant required repairs soon after it opened. The showpiece of a Queensland government strategy to drought-proof the state's booming southeast, the project has been plagued by so many construction flaws and unscheduled shut-downs that the government is still refusing to take possession from the contractors who built it.

In Brisbane, where dam levels dropped to 17 per cent three years ago, the state government rushed to build the Gold Coast plant as well as a $2.5bn water recycling scheme that will pump purified sewage into the region's dams - now nearly three-quarters full - if they drop back below the 40 per cent mark.

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One-third of Western Australia's drinking water will come from seawater by the end of next year as the state's second desalination plant eases pressure on Perth's biggest water source, the Gnangara Mound.

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