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Monday, December 14, 2009

New Toowoomba water restrictions ...

New water restriction regime once pipeline operational

8 December 2009

Toowoomba water consumers can expect a slight easing of water restrictions when the Wivenhoe pipeline becomes fully operational early next year.

Residents will go from no outdoor watering to bucket watering of gardens for three hours, three afternoons a week once the pipeline is fully functioning in late January, early February. The consumption target will remain 140 litres per person per day.

Water Services portfolio leader Cr Paul Antonio said our current water restriction levels based on a numbering system (ie Levels 1 to 5) would be replaced by the Queensland Water Commission regime of four levels from ‘permanent conservation measures’ through to ‘extreme level’ restrictions.

“The new terminology describing the water restriction levels will be the same across South East Queensland. This makes good sense and will reduce confusion.

“However, we will not be on the same water restrictions as Brisbane. Toowoomba consumers will be on the highest level (extreme) restrictions compared with Brisbane on ‘permanent conservation measures’, the lowest level.

“So basically it means we will adopt the same restriction regime as Brisbane but we will be on a different level.

“Brisbane water storages are sitting at around 70 percent compared with Toowoomba at around 8 percent so we can not afford to relax our water restrictions any further.

Cr Antonio commended Toowoomba water consumers for their adherence to some of the country’s toughest water restrictions over the last five years.

“We have been averaging around 125 litres/person/day for the last two years and will still be aiming to keep domestic consumption below 140 litres.

Consumers are reminded that Level 5 water restrictions will still apply until the Wivenhoe pipeline is fully operational.

The slight easing of water restrictions under the extreme level also applies to the installation of new turf; special consideration for older people or those with a disability when watering their gardens; and the topping up of private swimming pools.

Council will be undertaking an extensive community education program about the new water restrictions prior to the Wivenhoe pipeline becoming fully operational.

See - Toowoomba Regional Council - New water restriction regime once pipeline operational.


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