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Monday, December 07, 2009

SEQ recycled water misconnections continue ...

Health fears over dirty home water

5 December 2009

Residents in more than 630 homes at Coomera have been told not to drink tap water after recycled water was mistakenly piped to them.

The Gold Coast City Council has issued notices to the homeowners after a resident reported a 'funny taste' in the drinking water.

A council spokeswoman last night confirmed 'diluted recycled water' had found its way into drinking water supplies.

The homes are supposed to be receiving recycled water and drinking water in separate pipes following the opening of the $80 million Pimpama Wastewater Treatment Plant on Tuesday.

The plant supplies 'Class A-plus recycled water' which can be used for car washing, gardening, flushing toilets and external household cleaning.

However, the council says it is not suitable for drinking, cooking or cleaning, personal washing, clothes washing, swimming pools or spas, or pets and livestock.

It was not known how long the contamination had gone undetected.

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