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Sunday, November 29, 2009

QWC still pushing the potable reuse barrow ...

Sunday Mail:

Queensland Water Commission recycles water plan

29 November 2009

Queensland Water Commission is urging the Government to look at spending billions of dollars on two more purified recycled water schemes despite barely using the existing one.

The State Government has spent $2.4 billion on the Western Corridor project, one of the largest recycled water schemes in the world.

But it has been labelled a white elephant after Premier Anna Bligh, in a dramatic turnaround last November, scrapped plans to add treated sewage to drinking supplies in Wivenhoe Dam.

Despite this, the Queensland Water Commission's 50-year southeast Queensland water strategy, released a little over a week ago, says the Government should investigate two other potential recycling schemes, with a view to preserving land for treatment facilities and pipeline corridors.

The possible projects identified would supply purified recycled water from wastewater treatment plants to both the North Pine Dam, at Petrie in the Moreton Bay region, and the Hinze Dam on the Gold Coast.

But the Water Commission's strategy says using recycled water has advantages over desalination, with far lower energy consumption involved.

The Commission says recycled water is also climate-resistant.

A spokeswoman for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy Minister Stephen Robertson said he would decide on the Water Commission's recommendations after public consultation ends next March.

See - Sunday Mail - Queensland Water Commission recycles water plan.

Climate resistant?

Recycled water is not a rain independent source of water.

Wonder when they'll stop trying to fool people that it is ...


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