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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Toowoomba's bill for Wivenhoe dam water due soon ...

19 December 2009

A decision on what Toowoomba ratepayers would have to pay for the water that will flow through the Wivenhoe Pipeline was imminent, Premier Anna Bligh said yesterday.

Ms Bligh said the Government was in close talks with the Toowoomba Regional Council, however, she could not specify when the negotiations would finish.

“I know that people are impatient, but getting this right is really important for locals,” Ms Bligh said.

The Premier would not apologise for the escalating water costs for Toowoomba ratepayers, insisting the Government and TRC were working “to keep those costs as low as possible”.

Mayor Peter Taylor said council sent a letter to Natural Resources Minister Stephen Robertson on Thursday to outline the “final details” of the agreement.

See - The Chronicle - Bligh not sorry for water costs.


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