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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Water rates hike pays for Toowoomba Regional Council Councillor pay rises ...

Mayor Peter Taylor and three councillors have voted in favour of the three per cent pay rise they told Toowoomba residents last year they would not support.

Cr Bill Cahill was the only one who stood by his statement in The Chronicle in December when he, along with councillors Joe Ramia, Ros Scotney, Mike Williams and Peter Taylor, said they would vote against the increase.

While he did not have a vote at yesterday’s meeting in Oakey, Cr Taylor offered no objection during the debate.

The increase means Toowoomba’s mayor will pocket $159,850 a year, a pay rise of $2956, deputy mayor Paul Antonio will receive $108,060 a year, up by $1945, and councillors will earn $97,550, an increase of $1760.

Built into the salaries is an amalgamation loading which will decrease on July 1.

See - The Chronicle - Council votes for pay rise.


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