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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Toowoomba Regional Council in the red - can't balance its books ...

The Chronicle:

CEO warns of $6.5m shortfall

25 July 2009

Just four days out from the release of the Toowoomba Regional Council budget, newly appointed chief executive officer Ken Gouldthorp addressed the Chamber of Commerce yesterday.

It was spruiked to be showdown between Mr Gouldthorp and developers angry about new infrastructure and development charges.

Instead, Mr Gouldthorp used the occasion to calmly brace businesses and Toowoomba ratepayers about the impending budget.

Mr Gouldthorp, who has been with the council since April, made several references to the State Government’s withdrawal of important funding allocations.

“The State Government’s budget has had a massive effect on our budget,” Mr Gouldthorp said.

“Two-and-half weeks out from our budget announcement, a lot of recurring funding has been withdrawn.

“They leave us with a $6.5 million hole.

“This will have a significant cost effect on us.”

The TRC budget will be handed down on Tuesday.

See - The Chronicle - CEO warns of $6.5m shortfall.


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