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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cost of drought set to hit ratepayers hard

The Chronicle:

Cost of drought set to hit ratepayers hard

25 July 2009

The implications of Toowoomba’s 10-year-long drought are being used to prepare Toowoomba Regional Council ratepayers for significant increases in water charges in this year’s council budget.

Water Services portfolio leader Cr Paul Antonio said yesterday the 2009/2010 budget would reflect the economic ramifications of the drought.

A huge, extra impost on Toowoomba ratepayers will be the construction of the $187 million pipeline from Wivenhoe Dam to Lake Cressbrook.

Despite reasonable rainfall across the region over recent months, Toowoomba’s dam storages sit at under 11 per cent capacity.

Cr Antonio said he was confident essential new infrastructure, to be in place by the end of 2009, will drought-proof the Toowoomba region and ensure a long-term sustainable water supply.

“However, this drought insurance comes at a significant cost.

“Council has invested $15 million in supplementary bore water infrastructure as part of its drought contingency plans.

“The pipeline from Wivenhoe is now 60% complete and on target to provide water to Lake Cressbrook in early 2010.

“This pipeline, to be jointly funded by council and the State Government, will significantly impact this year’s budget.

“This $200 million investment in water infrastructure will underpin commerce across the region and ensure ongoing employment and business prospects,” Cr Antonio said.

Council’s 2009/2010 budget will be delivered next Tuesday.

See - The Chronicle - Cost of drought set to hit ratepayers hard.


Anonymous Mr T said...

Cr Antonio - how the hell can reliance on Wivenhoe, which will have to feed a growing Brisbane, "drought-proof" Toowoomba?

If we have a prolonged drought, then we will have no water.
I would have thought an extra Toowoomba dam plus emergency supplies from the Great Artesian Basin would be a bit more reliable in the long term.

8:51 PM, July 25, 2009


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