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Friday, July 10, 2009

NSW government bottled water ban caught up in lengthy contracts ...

See - Daily Telegraph - Nathan Rees caught out by bottled water contract.


Anonymous newswatch said...

The Chronicle:

Water ban 'may lead to bad choices'

9th July 2009

Australians could turn to unhealthy drinks, such as sugar-high sodas and juices, if a bottled-water ban was rolled out across the country, the grocery sector says.

The NSW government has moved to ban commercially bottled water in all its departments and agencies, while one of its townships - Bundanoon - voted to implement its own ban.

But the decision could lead Aussies down the wrong path, the Australian Food and Grocery Council has warned.

"From a government which has touted rising rates of obesity as the number one health risk facing Australians, their decision seems ludicrous," council chief executive Kate Carnell said.

"To have thirsty public servants standing at the drink vending machine and removing their healthiest choice - water - how can this be good public policy?"

All consumers deserved the right to choose what they drank, Ms Carnell said.

10:19 AM, July 10, 2009


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