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Monday, May 18, 2009

Santos unveils plans for CSG water plantation at Roma ...

Santos unveils plans for Roma plantation

16 May 2009

Oil and gas producer Santos has announced plans to use water from its coal seam gas project to create one of Australia's largest forestry plantations near Roma in southern Queensland.

The first stage involves planting two million native hardwood trees and agricultural feed crops over more than 2,000 hectares.

Santos eventually hopes to plant up to six million trees.

See - ABC News - Santos unveils plans for Roma plantation.

Santos 'winning dash for gas'

16 May 2009

Santos has declared it will still be the first of the big players to export liquefied natural gas from its proposed Gladstone hub.

Its claim followed rival gas giant BG's announcement this week that it had become the first to sign an offtake agreement for its LNG. BG will export 3.6 million tonnes of LNG to China National Offshore Oil Corp over a 20-year period.

Advancing its project, Santos announced plans to spend $50 million to create one of Australia's largest forestry plantations. Two million hardwood gum trees have already been planted at Fairview in Queensland's south-west and discussions are under way to make the plantation three times bigger.

Water from the extraction of the coal seam gas will be used to nurture the plantation. During the first phase, four new water treatment plants and an existing desalination plant will treat about 24 megalitres a day, equivalent to 10 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Santos has not yet decided whether to use the plantation as a carbon sink or sell the hardwood timber. Santos's Gladstone LNG president, Rick Wilkinson, said the project would create up to 100 jobs.

Gas producers around the world, and particularly in Queensland, had been working to find a way to use the water - as much as tens of megalitres a day - produced in the extraction of gas from coal seams, he said.

The challenge of handling the water was the major difference between extracting conventional natural gas and producing coal seam gas, he said.

See - Sydney Morning Herald - Santos Winning Dash for Gas.


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