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Thursday, May 14, 2009

SEQ water grid - Anna Bligh's slow testing regime means no warnings on contaminated water ...

Anna Bligh has defended failing to announce the contamination of Brisbane's water supplies with high doses of fluoride until two weeks after it occurred thus:

Ms Bligh defended not telling the public sooner, saying SEQWater was not aware of the problem until the results of the April 29 water sample came back on Tuesday.

See - Brisbane Times - Water treatment error causes fluoride overload.

So the water sample test results were not available until 12 May.  Two whole weeks.

Anna Bligh has stated that the recycled water will be safe because they can shut down the system if any problems occur.

Now if the recycled water is subject to the same testing regime, it will take two weeks until anyone knows of any contamination - plus extra time while they figure out whether they can cover it up - plus extra time while they figure out who'll tell the politicians - plus extra time while Anna Bligh's spin team figure out how to respond.

That's at least two weeks.

Unless the Courier Mail posts someone at the hospitals - then the government might know sooner ...

Trust us says Anna Bligh.

Just one more reason not to ...


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