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Friday, May 08, 2009

Sydney's purple pipe recycled water helps secure Sydney's water future ...

ABC News:

Recycled water secures Sydney's supply 'for 50 years'

7 May 2009

The Premier Nathan Rees says Sydney's water supply is secure for the next 50 years.

Nathan Rees this morning announced that Veolia Water had been granted a licence to draw from the Fairfield Sewage Treatment Plant - then recycle the waste and sell it.

The 4.3 billion litres of treated water produced by the plant annually will be transported through a 20 kilometre network of retrofitted gas pipes and used at places like Rosehill Racecourse, and the Shell refinery at Clyde.

Mr Rees says it is the first time that a private company has been allowed to build a water recycling plant in Australia.

He says this, along with measures like the desalination plant, means Sydney's dam levels will remain high for decades.

"I think the water supply for Sydney is now secure for 50 years," he said.

Dam levels are currently just below 60 per cent.

See- ABC News - Recycled water secures Sydney's supply 'for 50 years'.


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