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Friday, May 08, 2009

PM Kevin Rudd's latest tantrum? Over a hairdryer in Afghanistan ...

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is facing fresh allegations of an explosive temper after claims he threw a "wobbly" over a hairdryer in Afghanistan.

The Prime Minister, who tore strips off an RAAF flight attendant over food service on a VIP flight, reportedly became agitated when Diggers couldn't locate a hairdryer for a photo opportunity.

Coalition frontbencher John Cobb last night stood by his claims, saying he was told of the incident by Australian forces in Afghanistan.

The Nationals MP said he was told the Prime Minister "threw a wobbly" when a hairdryer could not be immediately found. The alleged incident occurred when Mr Rudd and a small entourage made a top-secret dash into Afghanistan just before Christmas last year.

"What?  No hairdryer?  How will we take a photo?  I can't blow dry my hair with a rifle!"

How long will it take for a video of a KRudd tantrum to end up in the public domain ...


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