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Friday, May 15, 2009

SEQ water grid failures - Anna Bligh's government protects itself from legal action ...

Courier Mail:

Fluoride bungle protected from legal action

15 May 2009

Laws introducing fluoride to Queensland's water supply contained a clause banning legal action for compensation if problems should arise.

Lawyer Mark O'Connor, of Bennett and Philp Lawyers, revealed the clause while demanding that the Queensland Government should pay for medical tests for Brisbane residents affected by the fluoride bungle.

Premier Anna Bligh yesterday revealed 300,000 litres of contaminated water was pumped to up to 4000 northern Brisbane homes for three hours on May 1 after a malfunction delivered 20 times the allowable limit of fluoride into the water supply.

The fault was uncovered during routine tests 12 days later.

Mr O'Connor said despite the Premier and Queensland Health reassuring the public the risk of illness was extremely remote, the Government should offer to pay for any medical tests householders might wish to take.

"People are expected to put their trust in the Government and when the Government fails them, it has a duty to put things right,'' Mr O'Connor said.

"Paying for any medical tests is the least it could do.''

Affected residents are to receive a letter of apology from the Government spelling out what happened.

See - Courier Mail - Fluoride bungle protected from legal action.

The same principle will apply to problems with Anna Bligh's 'not-so-purified' recycled water.

But you will get a letter of apology from Anna Bligh which you can hang over your toilet ...


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