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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Anna Bligh's SEQ water grid - awash with bungles ...

Courier Mail:

Awash with bungles

16 May 2009

How many bungles do Queensland water authorities have to commit before the Government will admit that its system of managing water supply needs serious improvement?

SEQWater, the entity responsible for water quality in the region, somehow failed to detect a serious incident involving the overdose of fluoride in the drinking water supply.

Rules governing the level of chemicals allowed in purified recycled water are relaxed simply because it is convenient to do so.

The Gold Coast desalination plant is shut down for days so faulty fittings and valves can be fixed.

Queenslanders would be forgiven for wondering if local councils should have kept responsibility for water management.

See - Courier Mail - Awash with Bungles.


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