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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Which Anna Bligh Minister will be the first to screw up ...

... odds are it will be the Minister for Drunk Driving and now Minister for Slapping ...

The new state Cabinet minister under investigation over an alleged election day assault had been forced to apologise over a previous incident.

Karen Struthers, who will be sworn in today as Minister for Community Services, Housing and Women at Government House, physically attacked another Labor MP in 2004.

The Courier-Mail has learnt Ms Struthers narrowly avoided a police complaint after Premier Peter Beattie intervened at the 11th hour to broker peace.

The revelation comes after Ms Struthers was accused of slapping Family First candidate Stephen Christian at a school polling booth on Saturday.

Ms Struthers has rejected the claims while Premier Anna Bligh has supported her newly-endorsed minister as she has witnesses backing her story, including an off-duty police officer wearing a pink Anna4Qld T-shirt.

Police are currently investigating the allegations and are seeking witnesses.

The 2004 incident occurred the day before the federal election and involved then Labor MP for Indooroopilly, Ronan Lee.

See - Courier Mail - Slapping claim dogs new minister.

At least Anna Bligh won't be able to say she didn't see it coming ...


Anonymous watchful said...

You can be forgiven anything or have anything covered up as long as you are a "leftie".

1:05 PM, March 26, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which faction are the lefties?

1:10 PM, March 26, 2009

Anonymous watchful said...

The whole Labor Party all over Australia - part of the International Socialist movement.

1:24 PM, March 26, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They can't ALL be bad!

1:48 PM, March 26, 2009


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