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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kerry Shine axed from A-G Ministry for former ALP State Secretary Milton Dick's brother ...

... but Anna Bligh got to choose her own Cabinet.

See - First time MP Cameron Dick takes over A-G from Kerry Shine.

Expect Kerry Shine to retire at the next State election ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think Cameron Dick got into many skirmishes as the temp. AG for Tuvalu?

7:13 PM, March 24, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tuvalu is a Polynesian island nation located in the Pacific Ocean midway between Hawaii and Australia. Its nearest neighbours are Kiribati, Samoa and Fiji. It comprises four reef islands and five true atolls. Its population of 11,992 makes it the third-least populated independent country in the world.

Tuvalu has almost no natural resources, and its main form of income consists of foreign aid. Virtually the only jobs in the islands that pay a steady wage or salary are with the government. Subsistence farming and fishing remain the primary economic activities, particularly off the capital island of Funafuti. Government revenues largely come from the sale of stamps and coins, fishing licenses and worker remittances.

7:15 PM, March 24, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's like being the AG for Dalby. About the same population.

7:19 PM, March 24, 2009

Anonymous newswatch said...

The Chronicle:


24th March 2009

KERRY Shine has denied he duped Toowoomba North voters by declining a position in Premier Anna Bligh’s new Cabinet.

The former Attorney-General’s announcement surprised electors after a campaign that emphasised his prominence within the Labor Party.

The 60-year-old yesterday rejected the suggestion he was pushed out of Ms Bligh’s young, new leadership team.

But during the election, it appeared that stepping aside was the last thing on his mind.

As recently as Monday afternoon, he told The Chronicle he would "like to be in Cabinet for the sake of my region".

However, by 9.30am yesterday, he had called his factional leader Paul Lucas to decline a ministerial appointment.

What happened on Monday night?

Mr Shine said he decided he wanted more time to work in his electorate which was reduced to a marginal seat on Saturday.

He said a personal phone call from the Premier, just minutes after his conversation with Mr Lucas, could not convince him to reconsider.

"She asked me if I wanted a lesser role, but I felt they were for people on their way up, not people who have started to pull out of Cabinet," he said.

He said yesterday’s actions would "not even be a consideration" if had he not suffered a four per cent swing against him.

"I still have very good access to the Premier and ministers," he said.

"If the result wasn’t close, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I would be in the Cabinet happy as Larry. I was sent a message on Saturday night. If people were so thrilled I was Attorney-General, I would have increased my majority."

LNP Member for Condamine Ray Hopper interpreted the announcement differently.

"Mr Shine would have known the whole time he was not standing for Cabinet if he made the decision so soon after the election," he said. "He obviously sees the horrific problems the Labor Government is going to face and he’s decided he’s not up to the task."

Mr Shine’s Toowoomba North LNP opponent Trevor Watts said the demotion was a blow to the city. "It ultimately shows that this region is not important to the State Labor Government," he said.

Praise came from a surprising source yesterday — LNP Member for Toowoomba South Mike Horan. "Kerry was one of the better Attorneys-General we have had," he said.

11:20 PM, March 24, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite simply, Lucas said the AG spot was taken.

11:23 PM, March 24, 2009


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