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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Newest councillor sworn in to Toowoomba Regional Council ...

16 December 2008

Toowoomba businessman John McVeigh was sworn into City Hall today as the newest member of the Toowoomba Regional Council.

Mr McVeigh won the council by-election with 25.2 percent or 20,556 votes. His nearest rival, former Clifton Shire Mayor, Ian Jones gained 15.3 percent or 12,465 votes.

Mayor Peter Taylor warmly welcomed Cr McVeigh and wished him well in his new council role.

“Cr McVeigh is a family man with significant community involvement and business experience and he will bring a great deal of knowledge to this role. We welcome him on board.”

See - Newest councillor sworn in to TRC.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will McVeigh take over the planning and development portfolio?

10:28 PM, December 16, 2008

Anonymous newswatch said...

The Chronicle:

New councillor up for challenge

17th December 2008

After raising six children, including 17-year-old triplets, Toowoomba region's newest councillor John McVeigh is up for any challenge.

Mr McVeigh made his declaration of office yesterday after Toowoomba Regional Council returning officer Norm Garsden officially declared the poll results at noon.
He shared the proud moment with his family.

Mr McVeigh scored 20,556 votes in the final count, which equalled 25.2% of the total vote.

Candidate Ian Jones never closed the gap and obtained 12,465 votes in the final count (15.3%).

Mayor Peter Taylor welcomed Mr McVeigh and noted his business experience, community involvement, and his young family as positive attributes for council's dynamic team.

Mr McVeigh, 43, said he was keen to get down to business.

“I think the region's residents know what the issues are. The key challenge for us is to now get on with the job.”

Mr McVeigh yesterday thanked his wife Anita and his family for supporting him throughout his first run for public office.

While he wouldn't admit early victory at the time, Mr McVeigh said he was confident on the first night after counting had commenced.

“I observed on election night (Saturday, December 6) as the initial votes started to come in, that there was a good trend there.

“I was up against some quality candidates and I'm humbled that the region has selected me.”

Cr Taylor said he was currently reviewing all councillors' portfolios and that Mr McVeigh would not be assigned a portfolio until next month.

There were more informal votes counted (1338) which include blank votes, incorrect votes, or silly votes for Superman and Mickey Mouse, than there were for bottom-ranking candidate Bruce Elvery (1069).

10:19 AM, December 17, 2008


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