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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Global warming doomsayer proved wrong on Perth ...

Doomsayers forecast Perth would run dry as a result of climate change, but the West Australian capital is awash with the most plentiful water supplies of all the mainland capitals.

Adelaide and Melbourne have replaced Perth and Brisbane as the cities facing water shortages.

The dire predictions for Perth and Brisbane were not fulfilled because of a combination of community effort, well-targeted infrastructure and more rain.

Ecologist Tim Flannery warned in 2005 that Perth faced "catastrophic failure" of its water supply due to climate change and could become the "first ghost metropolis". Professor Flannery could not be reached for comment yesterday.

See - The Australian - Water fight a running battle.

Tim Flannery =  fear and panic merchant = more media attention = more book sales = more money in his pocket ...


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