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Saturday, December 13, 2008

SEQ recycled water - LNP candidates on election trail with 'spring-borg' water ...

Thousands of South-East Queenslanders will this week be enjoying bottles of Queensland produced "All natural spring water - containing no recycled waste water", in a bid to highlight the difference between the LNP and Labor's water promises.

The three LNP candidates for Redlands, Cleveland and Capalaba hit the streets on Wednesday distributing the bottles, which carry a label saying "the LNP does not support placing recycled waste water into our drinking supplies. Don't trust Labor."

"The LNP has always been a strong advocate of recycling water but we've consistently said it should be directed towards power, industry and appropriate agriculture, and only placed into drinking water as an absolute last resort," the team said.

"Lots of people have said they will switch to drinking bottled water once recycled waste water enters the dams. "These bottles will serve as a reminder that the LNP will keep recycled waste water out of drinking supplies unless absolutely necessary," they said.

"Labor has flip-flopped and lied about recycled water, proving they just can't be trusted when it comes to putting recycled sewage into our drinking supplies.

"Premier Bligh's stance on this issue seems to be changing on almost a daily basis these days, and not even the Premier appears exactly certain what her position is any more.

The future of our water supply appears to depend entirely on the results of the latest round of taxpayer-funded polling by the Queensland Water Commission. "The only thing Labor has consistently delivered when it comes to recycled waste water is broken promises and uncertainty for people, in contrast to the LNP's consistent stance."

The LNP has also promised to scrap plans for the environmentally damaging Traveston Crossing Dam, replacing it with a desalination plant on Bribie Island and a greater focus on stormwater harvesting for homes and businesses. Peter, Mark and Paul said they had tried the bottled spring water and loved the taste.

"It tastes great and it's free from recycled waste water - just the way we want all our water to stay," they said. Information on the LNP's water policy can be found at

See - Bay Journal - Saturation campaign by Liberal National Party.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done - excellent to get the point across

11:38 AM, December 13, 2008

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just Love it


12:48 PM, December 13, 2008


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