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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Anna Bligh's Traveston dam plans awash with protesters ...

Anna Bligh is damned if she does, damned if she doesn't.

The Queensland Premier's doggedness in building a $1.5 billion dam to drought-proof the state's insatiable southeast has drawn the wrath of a powerful coalition of convenience: farmers and greenies.

The government plans to dam the Mary River at Traveston Crossing, just north of Gympie, to augment Brisbane's water supplies. Drought lowered the city's dam levels to 16 per cent last summer despite the nation's toughest water restrictions.

To the chagrin of the dam's opponents, Bligh is implying southeast Queensland could run out of drinking water, even though new desalination plants and recycled water technology have been put in place.

But in the end Bligh may find a rejection by Garrett to be a convenient cop-out.

She can play up to the voters she most needs to impress at the next state election -- those in the thirsty Brisbane-to-Gold Coast corridor -- without antagonising green voters or those in the conservative heartland around Gympie.

See - The Australian - Anna's dam awash with protesters.

Amazing. Recycled water was touted by Anna Bligh as 'wonder water' - now she threatens to force people to drink recycled water if she can't build her dam ...


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