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Thursday, September 03, 2009

More chaos within Toowoomba Regional Council ...

The Chronicle:

Council tight-lipped on senior exec

3 September 2009

Toowoomba Regional Council’s acting CEO has denied top executive Jo Molin was forced to resign last week.

Brian Pidgeon yesterday confirmed the former Director of Strategic Services had given notice on August 24 — about nine months after she moved from Western Australia to fill the long-vacant position.

When The Chronicle called to speak to Ms Molin yesterday, she had already left the council. Mr Pidgeon would not comment on when she had her last day.

Councillor Noel Strohfeld, who is the portfolio leader for her department, yesterday was not aware she had resigned.

He seemed shocked by the news.

"It would be sad to see her go," he said. "She’s done a tremendous amount in the time she’s been here."

Relations between Ms Molin and some other councillors were noticeably frayed during her last four months.

In April, her department was blasted over delays with the development of a job-creation strategy.

Two months later, the make-up of an economic development advisory committee was pulled apart by councillors.

An attempt to convince the council to join a global warming preparation scheme, led by her staff, also failed.

Mr Pidgeon would not comment on circumstances surrounding Ms Molin’s quick departure or say where she was headed.

"Council wishes her well in any future endeavours," he said.

He refused to comment further.

"All matters concerning staff and their employment are confidential," he said.

At this stage no-one has been appointed Acting Director of Strategic Services.

Attempts to contact with Ms Molin yesterday failed.

See - The Chronicle - Council tight-lipped on senior exec.

The children are just not playing well together. And Cr Strohfeld is really being kept in the loop.

How much will her payout be ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So where is the CEO?

He shouldn't be on leave as he has just started?

This council is a joke!

10:11 AM, September 04, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, where is he????

12:03 AM, September 05, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like a lot of them- Just not there.

The Council is supposed to be a full time job but most of them can still run their businesses full time too!

Great lerk if you can get away with it.

7:22 AM, September 05, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No wonder why we are copping such large increases in rates.

10:59 AM, September 05, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have to wonder why council employed somebody who has left "inexplicably" so many other jobs in the past. Two of them in Queensland.

2:21 PM, November 09, 2009

Anonymous administrator2 said...

Someone searching on Jo Molin from NSW Dept of Education and Training not like her enough to leave a comment?

1:16 AM, November 10, 2009


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