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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Perth residents not interested in recycled water for drinking ...

ABC News:

Perth slow to support drinking waste water

25 August 2009

Public reaction to a plan for the future of Perth's main water supply has shown a lack of support for using recycled waste water for drinking.

A draft strategy for the future of the Gnangara mound has been open for public comment for the last seven weeks.

Recommendations in the strategy include recharging the groundwater system with recycled water, and, in the longer term, sourcing water directly from a waste water treatment plant.

Strategy director Melanie Strawbridge says there have been more than 100 responses to the plan.

"People were fairly happy to have it treated and put back into the aquifer and then used for public water supply later, say in a decade or two's time, but there wasn't yet a lot of [support for] direct use for public drinking water," she said.

Ms Strawbridge is encouraging people to have their say.

"It's going to help shape the recommendations and, perhaps where recommendations don't get changed, it's going to provide a lot better context so that we can really point out the pros and cons of doing the sorts of things that they want.

The public comment period ends on Monday.

See - ABC News - Perth slow to support drinking water water.

Have your say at the Gnangara Sustainability Strategy website.


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