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Friday, August 14, 2009

Anna Bligh to charge $20 million to move water down pipeline ...

The Chronicle:

$20 million water bill on cards

14th August 2009

$20 million — this could be the Toowoomba Regional Council’s water bill in the 18 months after the Wivenhoe Dam pipeline comes online.

The multi-million dollar figure is based on the State Government keeping its commitment to charge us $2250 a megalitre for its supply.

The council has already budgeted around this price which prompted a 100 per cent water rates rise last month.

The Chronicle worked out its figure based on Cressbrook Dam being about 8.7% capacity.

Once the pipeline is completed, pumps will operate non-stop for 12-18 months to raise the water level in Cressbrook to more than 20%.

Mayor Peter Taylor yesterday agreed the new water was “very expensive”.

But he said it was necessary to provide for the extra 71,000 people expected to move to the city by 2031.

“We just have to have water,” he said.

“We have to have water security or we can’t accommodate our future growth.”

He said the Wivenhoe connection would guarantee supplies until 2050.

“Other alternatives were even more expensive,” he said.

“There weren’t any other options that were viable.”

See - The Chronicle - $20 million water bill on cards.

$20 million to move water from Wivenhoe dam to Cressbrook dam where it will sit and start to evaporate ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If "things" are so diabolical then why talk about all of these extra people living here when they can not deliver enough water for us?
Let's look after the citizens who have paid good money for water over the years and will continue to do so.
It does not make sense to pump water into a nearly dry dam to evaporate.
If the summer is to be as hot as it is predicted by some then all of this is for nothing.
What a waste of money.

There seems to be no thought process going into other solutions either.
The same person in the water department Toowoomba would be pushing the same figures on the other options, you can bet on it.

Toowoomba will be at the mercy of Anna Bligh's government and Kevin Flanagan (water dept. Tmba.) and their dreadful solution of recycled sewage via the pipeline from Brisbane.
You can see how it will all unfold as we will get to be that world first experiment!

2:39 PM, August 14, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

One would think we were in a Laurel and Hardy movie "Look they have us in a right pickle"

9:54 PM, August 14, 2009

Anonymous Mr T said...

I would like a public answer from Paul Antonio and/or Kerry Shine on what water will be flowing through that pipeline - Wivenhoe Dam water or recycled sewage water.

1:19 PM, August 15, 2009

Anonymous Mr T said...

Another thing - how can anyone with even half a functioning brain claim that this pipeline from Wivenhoe Dam (if it is actually delivering dam water to us) will solve all our water problems to 2050? With 70,000+ extra people in the Toowoomba region, and possibly another million people in Brisbane and SEQ, and another long drought thrown in for good measure?

I suppose none of those people making this prediction will actually still be alive in 2050, so they can claim anything they like.

How about the State Government diversifying the population growth away from the south east corner? But I suppose no-one (or their mates) makes any oscene profits profits out of that.

1:27 PM, August 15, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are the GAB bores?
We were given permission by this government to sink 5 GAB bores and I believe that we have 2 down so far and one of them is a bit salty?

The Labour Government and her mate at city hall seem determined to push us into using recycled sewage via the Brisbane recycling plant.

They are telling us that there are no other options .
That is not true!
We were told that we would run out of water by 2007.
That is not true!

We still have water and we must have enough as they deliver tanker loads of bore water to Carnival of Flower gardeners and the council use tanker loads of bore water on the park gardens for the Carnival of Flowers.
We out here in the suburbs have to fend for our self any way we can so as to be able grow a garden because we can not use any of the city water except inside the house.

This situation is hard to understand when they allow the Carnival of Flowers to be held this year because it brings thousands of more people to drink the water that we are supposedly short of. The only people to win from this event is the Hospitality industry and some food outlets.

It is a bit at odds with the truth.

All we get from the Mayor is to blame all the problems on the State Government.
What ever happened to leadership and working for the good of the community they serve.
The present council seem to be scared to open their mouths and fight the back room boys on behalf of the people.
The bureaucrats have always had a plan and it would seem that they will get their way because we have the weakest council ever elected.

Why elect any-one if this is the situation?

11:13 AM, August 16, 2009

Blogger Concerned Ratepayer said...

Actually the Toowoomba City Council said the water would run out by Christmas 2005. It didn't.

3:32 PM, August 16, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had a conversation with one of the Tooweoomba Regional Councillors who told me that water was too cheap, and that it should be in line with what we pay for power and telephone.

So does that mean that our water will cost us easily $1200 per year!

This current council is just an out of control money grabbing bunch of so and so's, who take what they want and dictate to us the ratepayers.

4:40 PM, August 16, 2009


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