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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Toowoomba Regional Council - current water reuse schemes ...

Wetalla Water Reclamation Plant

• Millmerran Power (Wetalla WRP) - 1,000ML of Class C water per annum for power station supply. Possible future increase to 2,000ML per annum.

• New Wave Leathers (Wetalla WRP) - 400ML of Class D water per annum for tannery process water.

• New Acland Coal (Wetalla WRP + AWT) - 3,000ML of Class A+ water per annum for coal washing (with options for increases to 5,500ML). Supply to commence 1 July 2009.

Greenmount Service Centre

• Cambooya CED Effluent (via Wyreema) - Agricultural irrigation (55ML/a).

• Wyreema WRF Effluent (Loves Road) - Agricultural irrigation (100ML/a).

Crows Nest/Highfields Service Centre

• Crows Nest CED Effluent - Golf Course irrigation (153ML/a).

• Highfields WRF Effluent - Agricultural irrigation, sporting fields, construction (by tanker) (up to 123ML/a).

Oakey Service Centre

• Westbrook WRF Effluent - Agricultural irrigation (229ML/a).

Millmerran Service Centre

• Millmerran WRF Effluent - Golf Course/Agricultural irrigation (96ML/a).

Pittsworth Service Centre

• Pittsworth WRF Effluent - Golf Course/Public Open Space/Agricultural irrigation

Goombungee/Yarraman Service Centre

• Yarraman WRF Effluent - Dedicated effluent irrigation sites (99ML/a).

Crows Nest/Highfields Service Centre

• Highfields Dual Reticulation. Planning Scheme amended to require dual reticulation/ underground rainwater tanks in new developments. Proposal for Class A+ water to be supplied from membrane/UV plant at Brownes Road. Currently supplies Class A water for irrigation and sporting fields. Class A+ status not confirmed. [killed off]

Oakey Service Centre

• Council resolution requiring dual reticulation to be installed in new developments, but no amendment to Planning Scheme. As yet no means of providing Class A+ water. [killed off]

• Oakey Reverse Osmosis Plant - brine waste to New Acland Coal for reuse.

Pittsworth Service Centre

• Pittsworth Leagues Club. Currently under review.

See - Toowoomba Regional Council - Committee Meeting - 10 and 11 March 2009.


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