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Friday, April 03, 2009

Anna Bligh 2008 State election - final count ...

Labor has secured 51 seats in the Queensland parliament at the end of official counting.

The four close-run seats of Gaven, Chatsworth, Cleveland and Redlands were decided today after recounts.

Liberal National Party candidates took three of these seats - Mark Robinson (Cleveland), Alex Douglas (Gaven) and Peter Dowling (Redlands) - while Labor's Steve Kilburn won Chatsworth.

The make-up of the parliament, which sits on April 21, will be Labor 51, Liberal National Party 34 and four independents.

Prior to the election and redistribution Labor held 58 seats, while the LNP held 25 and six MPs sat on the cross-benches.

Labor recorded 42.28 per cent of the primary vote - its lowest vote since 1998 when it took minority government with the support of independent Peter Wellington.

The LNP scored 41.57 per cent of the primary vote, with the Greens taking 8.37 per cent and independents 5.65 per cent.

See - Brisbane Times - Labor's final count: 51 MPs.


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