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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Kevin Rudd front and centre at the G20 dinner ...

Or not ...


Anonymous newswatch said...

Canberra Times:

Rudd in Defence damage control


Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is in damage control and preparing to make major changes to his cabinet, the Department of Defence and key diplomatic posts in the wake of the Joel Fitzgibbon travel scandal and departmental spying allegations.

Highly placed sources have told The Sunday Canberra Times that senior members of the ALP have been sounding out a series of strategies to fix the continuing problems with the Department of Defence, including bringing home former boss of spy agency ASIO Dennis Richardson from his posting as ambassador to the United States to replace current secretary Nick Warner.

Discussions in the upper ranks of Labor about the political fate of Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon have gained pace, a source said, with the Attorney-General Robert McClelland being canvassed as his possible replacement. Mr Rudd is reportedly deeply unhappy with Mr Fitzgibbon for not declaring free trips to China paid for by Chinese-Australian businesswoman Helen Liu, who is also his landlady when he lives in Canberra.

The non-disclosure sparked a media storm, as well as demands from the Coalition for the minister’s sacking, and gave rise to questions about the nature of Australia’s relationship with China. It came on top of what was perceived as a poor performance by the minister in answering questions about the bungling of SAS wages.

The source said Mr Rudd was considering either standing Mr Fitzgibbon aside while the official investigation into the alleged hacking of his computer by Defence Signals Directorate operatives was concluded, or moving him from the key portfolio into another.

12:11 PM, April 05, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought he saved the world at the G20 meetings. Is this not true?

12:35 PM, April 05, 2009


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