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Friday, March 20, 2009

Toowoomba Regional Council's new CEO - 'cashed-up Ken' Gouldthorp comes to town ...

Cashed-up Ken's new job: You're paying him again

21 May 2008

Former Mackay City Council CEO Ken Gouldthorp, flush with funds from his fat redundancy payout, has landed a plum job at SunWater.

Mr Gouldthorp, who walked away with two years' salary in March after deciding not to seek the CEO's job on the new regional council, today starts work as general manager (water services) for the Queensland Government-owned corporation.

He will again team up with former Mackay City Council Mayor Julie Boyd, who is a board member at SunWater.

Mr Gouldthorp, who was on a package of around $270,000 a year at the council, has jumped straight into another six-figure job.

Mackay people will once again be propping up his salary, as council receives a water allotment each year from SunWater paid for by ratepayers.

Mr Gouldthorp, whose relocation to Brisbane was funded by Mackay ratepayers, could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Ms Boyd was heavily criticised after council delegated her responsibility to negotiate Mr Gouldthorp's contract in December 2006.

Councillors had already agreed to the salary and terms of his contract.

It was during those negotiations that Mr Gouldthorp, who signed a new five-year contract, had the two-year redundancy included in the deal.

Mr Gouldthorp was interim CEO of Mackay Regional Council when he decided to take the money.

He was appointed Mackay City Council chief executive in February 2003.

Large sections of the community were livid he managed to secure a two-year payout for five years' work.

Councillor Dave Perkins said he wished Mr Gouldthorp all the best in his new job.

"He's qualified, he's gone for the job and he got it good luck to him," he said.

"I guess he'll have a fair bit to do in this neck of the woods because of our water situation up here."

Mr Gouldthorp will no doubt be happy to work with Ms Boyd again.

The duo were a formidable, and at times controversial, double act on the council.

Ms Boyd receives $25,000 a year as a SunWater board member. Four days after finishing her 11-year reign as mayor, she was named Queensland's special trade representative to Japan, South Korea and the Philippines a $60,000 a year part-time, taxpayer-funded gig.

SunWater advertised for Mr Gouldthorp's job on April 5. SunWater is a leading water industry company providing bulk water supply services to more than 6000 customers.

See - Daily Mercury - Cashed-up Ken's new job: You're paying him again.


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