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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

South Australia - Wastewater reuse plan for new estate ...

Thousands of residents in new housing estates in the southern suburbs could be using recycled water in their gardens and toilets from late next year.

The Mawson Lakes-style water system would provide 1.6 gigalitres of treated wastewater to 8000 new homes in areas around Seaford.

Homes in northern Mawson Lakes have dual waterpipes plumbed to homes, one pipe for mains water for such uses as showers and drinking, and another pipe for recycled water for toilet and outdoor use.

The Southern Urban Reuse project would take treated wastewater from the Christies Beach treatment plant to the Aldinga wastewater treatment plant for further treatment and storage. It would then be piped into new housing developments. Work on the pipelines and storaPublish Postge tanks is expected to begin in April with the first delivery of water to new developments in late 2010.

The Federal and State governments have provided a combined $62.6 million for the project.

See - Wastewater reuse plan for new estate.

Impossible in Qld - reality in SA ...


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