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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Anna Bligh's Gold Coast desal plant quality compromised in rush ...

10 November 2009

Fears the $1.2 billion Gold Coast desalination plant was rushed, compromising its quality, have been raised by officials overseeing the troubled project.

The Tugun plant, meant to be a showpiece of the State Government's $9 billion water grid, has been plagued by problems including rusting pipes, cracking concrete, faulty valves and leaching of contaminants from a rubbish dump.

The Government is refusing to take delivery of the facility until next June because of serious faults that have delayed the handover by 18 months.

Now, documents obtained by The Courier-Mail under Freedom to Information laws reveal serious concerns were raised about the pace of construction.

See - Courier Mail - Rushing ruined Tugun desalination plant.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was also interesting that protester said that the salt discharge into the ocean killed fish life.
In s story aired on 9 News recently a diver went down and showed that the pipeline which carries the salt brine out into the deeper ocean is now a reef and that fish life was thriving.
I think that they will build the next 2 desalinated plant and quash the Traverston Dam. You can see them putting all the ducks in a row now.

7:34 AM, November 11, 2009


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