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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tampa water officials studying toilet-to-tap proposal ...

See - Tampa water officials studying toilet-to-tap proposal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We were told that they do it every-where in America so why is this such a big debate now in Tampa?

One thing the Tampa community might want to consider is that in times of drought the idea of recycling the sewage will not help because as the drought gets worse the sewage get less and less as people conserve their water output.

We were certainly told a lot of whoppers by engineers and councillors in the 2006 debate on recycling our sewage.
We were lucky that we had people who stood up and battled for the community and we got to have a vote.

Pity that this 2009 TRC has not got the courage to go out and source the water which was available to us then and still is to-day.
Note : The coal seam water is being used to water trees and not being sent into the towns.
One would have to ask why is this so because it must cost less to pump that water into us than the costly pipeline up the mountain from Wivenhoe Dam?

What politics are at play now?

10:47 AM, June 21, 2009


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