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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Anna Bligh's QWC costs blow out ...

Sunday Mail:

Splashing out

28 June 2009

Why is the cost of the Queensland Water Commission soaring out of control, and just what does it do?

They are questions Queenslanders might reasonably ask this morning as they read of the massively increasing costs of an organisation that was supposed to be abolished after flooding rains washed away the water crisis.

Established by then-premier Peter Beattie to oversee water supply strategy and the building of a $9 billion infrastructure grid, the commission was supposed to cost a relatively painless $2 million a year. Last year it cost $24 million, and this year it will cost $28 million.

The Weller Report recommended in April that it be abolished and its responsibilities be taken over by relevant departments.

Instead, Premier Anna Bligh gave us promises of action, trimmed the number of commission members from three to one and outlined an election campaign program of cost-cutting that is revealed as a bad joke.

Ms Bligh and her government owe Queensland straight answers to the two simple questions above.

See - Sunday Mail - Splashing out.


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