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Monday, February 23, 2009

QWC's NEWater experiment with athletes backfires ...

Courier Mail:

20 February 2009

There are few people more desperate for a drink than a triathlete after swimming 1.5km, cycling 40km and running 10km for two-plus hours in a race. They usually scoff whatever fruit and drink is at the finish line. So, at the end of the recent Moreton Bay Challenge triathlon at Redcliffe, they stumbled in, were handed bottled water and started guzzling. Then one read the bottle. 

This NEWater brand hadn't come gurgling from a pure mountain spring in France or Tassie. It was flushed from a toilet . . . in Singapore.

"Bloody hell," the cry went up. "It's poo water and not even ours."

And that put a cat turd among the pigeons. It was being handed out by girls in Queensland Water Commission T-shirts.

Yes, I know all about globalisation blah blah blah but somehow, importing water from the toilets of Singapore just seems . . . fundamentally stupid. Whichever government minion's bright idea that was, take yourself aside. 

If these triathletes were anything to go by, the poo water promotion backfired. Or maybe athletes are a little more particular about what they put in their bodies. 

As one said: "Give us a bloody cup and I'll find a tap."

See - QWC's NEWater experiment backfires.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell me how they can hand out bottles of Singapore recycled water when under the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines they are not even able to sell it in our shops.
That would be an interesting exercise just to see how it would sell up against spring water?

These triathletes should check with the Health Dept because the last time the department was asked they said that only small sips were to be handed out of Singapore processed sewage.

6:03 PM, February 23, 2009


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