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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why CSG water should stand a better chance now former Mayor Thorley is gone (redux) ...

Worth revisiting.

Now more than ever, Premier Anna Bligh needs the jobs that expansion of the coal seam gas industry would create.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Why CSG water should stand a better chance now former Mayor Thorley is gone ...

There is little doubt that progress at a local and State government level on coal seam gas water was harmed by the campaign by the former Toowoomba City Council to ignore any water source option that didn't involve recycling sewage.

As the coal seam gas companies pushed forward with their plans and offered to assist the region with water source problems, their comments fell on deaf ears down at City Hall.

The prospect of an abundant water source which could drought-proof the region would have meant disaster for the Toowoomba City Council's plans to force Toowoomba residents to drink recycled water.

The Toowoomba City Council was prepared to forgo investigating a rain-independent source of water so they could push forward with their ill-fated rain-dependent recycled water proposal - complete with the proposed multi-million dollar water-edutainment centre/public funded multinational sales outlet out at Wetalla.

The recent comments by QGC speak volumes:

“The water is plentiful and there will be a lot more of it as the coal seam gas industry grow[s].”

“We are simply saying ‘look at this water.’ It is [a] fantastic opportunity for Queensland.”

“We have already produced potable water in our own reverse osmosis trials. Let’s use this plentiful resource – not let it slip through our fingers.”

It is a serious indictment on the former Toowoomba City Council that they ignored this water source and did everything they could to dissuade people from believing it was a credible water source.


To pursue their recycled water dream at any cost and whatever they thought might follow.

The departure of former Mayor Thorley robbed certain elements within the Council of their public 'anti-CSG water' mouthpiece.

An attempt to draft Councillor Ramia into this role in the past few months failed abysmally.

And so it seems that the Federal and State governments are finally taking notice of CSG water as a potential water source for the region.

Toowoomba residents should, however, not fool themselves into thinking that Anna Bligh cares what water they drink.

She doesn't.

She's a politician and all she cares about are votes - for her.

The actions of the State government in recent weeks make this clear.

Some may say that the State government had little choice other than to announce the Wivenhoe-Cressbrook pipeline.

If Toowoomba dams are almost drained by the next State election, it would give the State opposition a free election kick - even though Toowoomba would still be able to draw on bore and GAB supplies.


Some may draw comfort from the fact that, as Anna Bligh looks at the CSG industry, she sees jobs, economic development and votes.

By combining the resources of the Qld government and the CSG companies to deal with the water byproduct, the CSG industry will be able to expand more rapidly leading to more jobs, more prosperity and, by Anna's calculation, more votes.

Who knows - Toowoomba may ultimately end up with the water source it should have had right from the start - all because Anna Bligh wants to keep the economic boom in Queensland going ...


Anonymous administrator2 said...

Humbug said...

This community has been through so much in the past three years in regard to forced Amalgamations, strict water guidelines and the threat of having to drink recycled sewerage held over their heads, not to mention fluoridation. The previous Council would not do their job of investigating the possibility of the coal seam gas water as they had their own agenda of wanting sewerage water for this community. Now the coal seam water is being hailed as the saviour of the Darling Downs by both Council and the State Govt. Methinks that the Wivenhoe Pipeline is not being built to bring recycled sewerage water up here at enormous cost and expense (say double the $187million quoted) but to pipe the coal seam gas water to Wivenhoe. Why cannot the Authorities come clean and stop lying to us about the reason for the pipeline? It seems to me that politicians naturally lie about everything to protect their own interests - i.e. generous pensions, Govt cars, salaries, postage allowance and everything else they can get away with.

7:01 PM, January 29, 2009


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