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Friday, December 19, 2008

LNP candidate springs into action on recycled water issue ...

Liberal National Party candidates are determined to make recycled drinking water an election issue, even if the State Government has delayed a decision on the controversial scheme.

LNP candidate for Bulimba Paul Walker has been handing out bottled spring water to voters in the electorate to reinforce his opposition to the recycling scheme.

The scheme, which would recycle sewage back into the region’s dams, was to proceed early next year but was delayed by the State Government until dams fell below 40 per cent.

Mr Walker acknowledged State Government studies showed drinking recycled water was not a risk to public health.

He said part of the LNP’s solution was to build a Bribie Island desalination plant.

See - South East Advertiser - LNP candidate springs into action on recycled water issue.


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